eBRAM has been appointed as the ODR service provider to provide e-negotiation, e-mediation, and e-arbitration services dedicated to the resolution of COVID-19 related disputes. Online case filing portal for Covid-19 related is open. [Click here]

eBRAM has launched fully web-based ODR platform with video conferencing technology which enables parties to sign ODR agreement in electronic format and conduct mediation meetings and arbitration hearings online.

eBRAM will provide training to mediators and arbitrators on how to use the platform in July 2020. Upon completion of the training, parties to an applicable dispute may submit their cases online at the eBRAM COVID-19 ODR Platform.


To provide speedy and cost-effective means to resolve disputes arising out from or in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic globally and locally, especially for those involving micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) that may be adversely affected or hard hit by the pandemic

Applicable Disputes

  • COVID-19 related.
  • The claim amount for each case is to be capped at HK$500,000.
  • Either one of the parties (claimant or respondent) must be a Hong Kong resident or company.

Parties to an applicable dispute may enter into an agreement online through eBRAM ODR Platform to submit their dispute for resolution under the COVID-19 ODR Scheme.


Multi-tiered dispute resolution – the eBRAM ODR platform will facilitate the parties to first attempt to negotiate their disputes followed by mediation and if that does not result in a settlement, then subsequently to arbitration for a final and binding award.

Fast-track procedure – With the help of the eBRAM ODR Platform, each tier of dispute resolution will be completed within a short period of time.  

Cost-effective – Each party will only be required to pay HK$200 registration fees.


Please click HERE to view eBRAM rules for COVID-19 ODR Scheme.
Please click HERE to view Terms and Conditions of Services for Covid-19 Online Dispute Resolution Scheme.
Please click HERE to view Personal Information Collection Statement.
Please click HERE to view Terms of the ODR Agreement for the COVID-19 Online Dispute Resolution Scheme.